Preparation of Catalysts VII by R. Maggi, J.A. Martens, G. Poncelet, P. Grange, P.A. Jacobs,

By R. Maggi, J.A. Martens, G. Poncelet, P. Grange, P.A. Jacobs, B. Delmon

The court cases of the VIIth overseas Symposium at the medical Bases for the training of Heterogeneous Catalysts, are according to the overall scope of this sequence of occasions. Emphasis in all Symposia has been at the clinical elements of the practise of recent and business catalysts, or on new equipment of coaching, instead of at the catalytic reactions during which such solids are finally used. within the current context, the catalytic occasion itself has in basic terms been regarded as one other, even though usually decisive, approach to catalyst characterization.

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Monte carlo simulations of the ethene hydrogenation reaction have subsequently been undertaken in order to relate the kinetic features of the reaction observed in micro-reactor studies to the surface structure of each catalyst surface. We are, therefore, able to relate the results of a monte carlo simulation of a surface reaction, conducted on a lattice representative of each sample, to the preparation procedure used. Proton NMR suggests that the surface chemistry of the catalyst support is not significantly altered by the two preparation procedures.

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