Trauma and Substance Abuse: Causes, Consequences, and by Pamela J. Brown (Editor), Donald Meichenbaum (Foreword by)

By Pamela J. Brown (Editor), Donald Meichenbaum (Foreword by) Paige Ouimette (Editor)

Trauma and Substance Abuse explores the underrecognized connection among trauma, substance use, and posttraumatic pressure disease. sufferers with trauma similar misery equivalent to posttraumatic rigidity disease (PTSD) usually have comorbid substance use problems (SUDs). This booklet provides state-of-the-art learn on how frequently the 2 issues co-occur and why. Authors describe types of comorbidity and discover how particular PTSD and substance use indicators are functionally concerning one another. moreover, they recommend review methods and perform directions to facilitate right analysis and therapy. fairly priceless are descriptions of numerous new remedy methods which were built in particular for PTSD-SUD, together with cognitive-behavioral and publicity remedy. this can be the 1st booklet to judge and synthesize the 2 fields of PTSD and substance use illness examine and therapy. This quantity is quintessential for researchers and clinicians looking a whole realizing of the etiology, overview, and remedy of this demanding twin analysis.

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However, they did find that veterans with PTSD had more severe drug problems. In a study of 2,490 Vietnam veterans with combat exposure and 1,972without combat exposure, 26 CHILCOAT AND MENARD Boscarino (1995) also found that combat exposure was not associated with alcohol or drug abuse. In contrast, Reifman and Windle (1996) found that level of combat exposure was significantly related to recent drug use. This discrepancy between Reifman and Windle's findings and those of Boscarino, which were based on data from the same sample, might be explained by the different outcome measures of drug use used in these studies.

For example, the lifestyle associated with drug abuse might place an individual at increased risk for exposure to violence (see Stewart & Israeli, 2002). Although this would involve an indirect causal relation between SUDS and PTSD, no functional relation between the two disorders would be indicated in this case. , poor coping skills) might be related to increased risk for development of both PTSD and SUDSfollowing trauma exposure, contributing to high SUD-PTSD comorbidity but again suggesting no functional relation between these two forms of behavioral pathology.

PTSD arousal or intrusion symptoms). It is possible that patients may begin self-medicating for sub-threshold symptoms of PTSD prior to the emergence of full-blown PTSD. In this case, the SUD would technically have an earlier onset, despite the fact that PTSD symptoms emerged first and motivated substance misuse. Longitudinal prospective studies tracking the emergence of symptoms of both disorders over time are necessary for clarification of this issue. Longitudinal studies are now emerging in the SUD-PTSD comorbidity area that help clarify the direction and nature of the relationship between the two disorders.

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