Pendergast 05, Brimstone by Douglas Preston;Lincoln Child

By Douglas Preston;Lincoln Child

A physique is located within the attic of a superb new york property. there's a hoofprint scorched into the ground, and the stench of sulfur chokes the air. whilst FBI distinct Agent Pendergast investigates the grotesque crime, he discovers that thirty years in the past 4 males conjured whatever unspeakable. Has the satan come to assert his due?

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Some memorial service. More like an Irish wake. D'Agosta had been to a few of those during his NYPD days and felt lucky to have survived them. They'd obviously set this whole thing up with remarkable speed-Grove had been dead only Brimstone (Pendergast, Book 5) Page 40 two days. The room was crowded. There were no chairs: people were meant to mingle, not sit reverentially. Several television crews had set up their gear near a carpet-covered stage, which was bare save for a small podium. A harpsichord stood in a far corner of the salon, but it was barely audible over the noise of the crowd.

D'Agosta saw Pendergast's lips tighten a little. "Shout, braggart," he translated. " The group became still at what appeared to be an insult directed at the count. But the count only broke into a smile himself. "Bravo. " "Ci provo,"said Pendergast. "My dear fellow, if you can translate Puccini that well, I should say you do much better than merely trying. So you dislike opera. I can only hope you are less of a philistine when it comes to art. Have you had a chance to admire that Ghirlandaio over there?

Nods all around. " There was a sudden silence. "Well now, Mr. Pendergast," said Lady Milbanke. "What an extraordinary comment. " "Indeed. " cried Lady Milbanke. "It's just like an Agatha Christie novel. As a matter of fact, we each had our own motives to do away with Grove. " She exchanged brief glances with the others. "But then, we weren't the only ones. " And, raising her voice, she beckoned a young man who was passing by, champagne flute in one hand. An orchid drooped from the buttonhole of his fawn jacket, and his hair was the color of marmalade.

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