Bob Hid It by Joel Amato, Steve Mack

By Joel Amato, Steve Mack

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Adari studied her people, toiling mutely on the island. They expected they wouldn’t survive the year. Worse, anyone who came looking for them would not be a savior. Perhaps Korsin’s Sith worried about the same thing, she thought. Perhaps the tales were true. Perhaps the real Skyborn, the true Protectors of legend, were out there somewhere, hunting for the Sith. She didn’t believe it. But then, she never had. Seelah awoke on a slab in her old sick ward. qxp:8p insert template Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: Savior 2/25/10 29 tions and the biers in the morgue; it was all cold marble, just as everything in the accursed temple was.

Jedi who had spent formative years on Shelter in the Maw—and yes, Ben was among that number, how reassuring was that little fact—started going crazy. Ben and Luke had learned about some creepily powerful being with dark slithery mental tendrils of need who was probably responsible for the crazy Jedi, and had been going to pay her a visit inside the Maw when they abducted a Sith. One that was definitely easy on the eyes, but who was nonetheless a Sith, from a whole planetload of them, no less. A Sith who was still with them right now, standing and smirking at them while nearly a dozen frigates crammed with her pals surrounded them.

Wincing in pain, Korsin crawled back from the precipice toward the fray. Jariad, injured and struggling to stall his sibling’s advance, looked back in surprise. “You’re right, Jariad,” Korsin said, choking back blood. “It’s time for me to go—but not without my last official act. ” Adari should have been more surprised. By nightfall, more than a thousand Keshiri had arrived near the foot of the Spire, leading five times that many riderless uvak. qxp:8p insert template Star Wars: Lost Tribe of the Sith: Savior 2/25/10 27 mob of beasts circling high above the smoking formation had given the appearance of a living, leathery halo.

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