Bioorganic and Medicinal Chemistry of Fluorine by Jean-Pierre Bégué

By Jean-Pierre Bégué

  • presents an intensive review of the function of fluorine in pharmaceutical technological know-how and improvement
  • comprises chapters on fluorinated analogues of normal items, fluorinated amino acids and peptides, and derivatives of sugars
  • Classifies advertised and in-development fluorinated prescribed drugs based on their healing periods
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    However, it is rather difficult to determine if these hydrogen bonds really exist: other factors may stabilize the conformation corresponding to the short HÁ Á ÁF interatomic distance observed. 20 13 14 GENERAL REMARKS ON STRUCTURAL, PHYSICAL, AND CHEMICAL PROPERTIES role of an HÁ Á ÁF bond in the interactions between fluorinated substrates and biological macromolecules still remain an open question (cf. Chapter 3). 5). If the fluorine atom itself is only slightly involved in hydrogen bonds, its inductive effect plays a very important role in the ability of neighboring functional groups to give or to accept hydrogen bonds.

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    28 Preparation and reaction of trimethylsilyldifluoroacetate. Remarks: Preparation of difluorophosphonates. The preparation of difluorophosphonates is detailed in Chapter 7 (enzyme inhibitors). 124 Preparation of gem-difluoroallenes. 127 However, they are not valuable at the laboratory level: SF4 is toxic and hazardous, and special apparatus is required to utilize HF. On a bench scale, oxidative desulfurization-fluorination allows the transformation of dithiocarbonates and xanthates into —CF3 or –OCF3 groups.

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