Beginning Windows Store Application Development–HTML and by Scott Isaacs

While not required for your application, the form will allow you later in this chapter to take advantage of some built-in validation and button functionality. By default, however, when HTML forms are submitted, the data in the form is sent to the server in a request for a new page.

To get this link to work as expected, you have only to use that same method here. js (see Listing 5-10). Listing 5-9. Changing the Link Link to another page Listing 5-10. html") }, false); }, 56 Chapter 5 ■ HTML Controls Now if you run the application and click the link, you see what was expected (see Figure 5-9). html. html when it is clicked. Figure 5-9. This is what was expected Mission accomplished! Right? Well, technically, yes, but what if you have five links on a page?

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