Applications of pressure-sensitive products by Istvan Benedek, Mikhail M. Feldstein

By Istvan Benedek, Mikhail M. Feldstein

Featuring the end-use and alertness applied sciences of pressure-sensitive adhesives and items, quantity 3 of the Handbook of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives and Products discusses the increase and sessions of pressure-sensitive items, the most representatives of pressure-sensitive items, and their program domain names. It divides the most product sessions of solvent-based, water-based, and hot-melt-based formulations by means of their debonding features and water and temperature resistance, and illustrates build-up through adhesive-coated, adhesiveless, carrierless, and linerless pressure-sensitive items. It offers software expertise, gear, and novel items similar to RFID, clinical, and labels, in addition to the self-adhesive rivals of pressure-sensitive items. It additionally lists specialist agencies and providers, in addition to the most literature resources.

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Applications of pressure-sensitive products

Providing the end-use and alertness applied sciences of pressure-sensitive adhesives and items, quantity 3 of the instruction manual of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives and items discusses the building up and periods of pressure-sensitive items, the most representatives of pressure-sensitive items, and their software domain names.

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C arrierless t apes do not h ave a s olid-state c arrier mater ial a fter their application. These products are so-called transfer tapes, or tapes from the reel. Transfer tapes have a PSA layer inserted between two release liners. They are manufactured as a continuous web, supported by a solid-state carrier. This allows them to be processed and applied as a common tape, but serves as a temporary aid only. The adhesive layer of the tape is detached from the carrier during application. Such tapes without a carrier can be used on multidirectionally deformed substrates with a varied shape up to 150°C because the temperature re sistance i s provided by t he ad hesive only.

Such materials must display adequate unwinding performance, controlled adhesion to the tape, dimensional stability, tear resistance, weather and environmental stability, and confectionability/cuttability. Such tapes possess two active surfaces; therefore, they can bond in plane as common packaging tapes as well as between two surfaces. In their early development stage, double-sided tapes were manufactured with a carrier. Later, carrierless tapes were produced. In principle, such tapes may bond multilaterally, like an overall adhesive proĀle.

Construction and Classes of Pressure-Sensitive Products 1-15 Radiation-cured 100% s olids a llow t he i n-line s ynthesis of PSAs (see Technology o f Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives and Products, Chapter 1), that is, the simultaneous manufacture of the PSA and of the pressure-sensitive web. This technology is used mainly for special products. Formulation of radiation-curable adhesives is the subject of Technology of Pressure-Sensitive Adhesives and Products, Chapter 8. 2 Pressure-Sensitive Product Classes According to Bond Character In s ome appl ication domains a p ermanent ad hesive joint i s ne eded; i n ot her end-use domains tem porary ad hesion i s re quired.

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