Anauroch (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons: Forgotten Realms by Troy Denning

By Troy Denning

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Some of these Zhentarim agents use rings of invisibility and blinking, and (a Zhentarim specialty) rings that allow them dimension door. They always have magic enough to overwhelm and capture individual Bedine, and to interrogate them, and they have coins and metal enough to buy what loyalty they can. A few (such as the wizard Yhekal, who is at least a W9, and has skin and hair as pale as white sand, flashing blue eyes, and wears a hooded purple robe and silver wrist-bracers) are powerful or influential enough to have clones or other magical means of resurrecting themselves, should they be slain in the desert.

The Bedine quickly find such new desert features, and the Zhentarim have to defend them if they want to gain any benefit from all their work. So such artificial oases are few-and all of them sport magical and physical traps, or even fortifications, and guardians. These are sometimes minor Zhentarim wizards, with a bodyguard of warriors (the Bedine fear of sorcery makes even weak wizards more effective than four times their number of Zhentilar warriors). The guardians may also be summoned or “placed” creatures, such as guardian daemons (detailed in Volume 2 of the Monstrous Compendium) or watchghosts (detailed in The Ruins of Undermountain boxed set).

They will switch loyalties readily, to those who pay them most highly. They like to travel in large groups, wellarmed with poisoned javelins and bolts for their crossbows. The sticky brown venom they have developed is a secret preparation, known only to a few elders of the people. It causes sleep in humans (save vs. poison to avoid), but tends to be fatal to orcs, goblins, and other related humanoids (save vs. poison at -2: success means 2d4 points of additional damage, failure means death in 1d4 rounds).

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