Anarchism by Paul Eltzbacher

By Paul Eltzbacher

Anarchism is usually outlined because the political philosophy which holds the country to be bad, pointless, and destructive, or however as opposing authority within the behavior of human family members. Proponents of anarchism (known as ":anarchists") recommend stateless societies in response to non-hierarchical voluntary associations.** [C:\Users\Microsoft\Documents\Calibre Library]

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Therefore, at the expense of slightly increasing the bulk of the Tucker chapter, this edition gives American readers a much more accurate presentation of the utterances of the American champion of Anarchism than can be had in Eltzbacher's German; and, since I have the same advantage as regards Godwin, I think I may claim in general terms that mine is the best edition of Eltzbacher for those who read both English and German. Besides looking out for the accurate presentation of the passages quoted from Tucker, I have kept watch of the correctness of the subject-matter.

C. Fifield. 1908. Copyright, 1907, by Benjamin R. Tucker Gratefully dedicated to the memory of my father Dr. Salomon Eltzbacher 1832-1889 CONTENTS Page TRANSLATOR'S PREFACE vii BOOKS REFERRED TO xvii INTRODUCTION 3 Chapter I. THE PROBLEM 1. General 6 2. The Starting-point 10 3. The Goal 13 4. The Way to the Goal 15 Chapter II. LAW, THE STATE, PROPERTY 1. General 18 2. Law 24 3. The State 31 4. Property 36 Chapter III. GODWIN'S TEACHING 1. General 40 2. Basis 41 3. Law 42 4. The State 45 5. Property 53 6.

At present there is the greatest lack of clear ideas about Anarchism, and that not only among the masses but among scholars and statesmen. [23] 3. Two demands must be made of everybody who undertakes to produce a scientific work on Anarchism. First, he must be acquainted with the most important Anarchistic writings. Here, to be sure, one meets great difficulties. Anarchistic writings are very scantily represented in our public libraries. They are in part so rare that it is extremely difficult for an individual to acquire even the most prominent of them.

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