Analysis of Vertebrate Pest Control by Jim Hone

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Overall, the curvilinear regression had a better fit to the data, as it had a higher t value for the test that the slope was zero. The two significant fitted regressions (unforced linear and curvilinear) had different predictions (Fig. 5). At low and high abundance of lambs, the unforced linear regression predicted a higher number of lambs killed, but at intermediate numbers of lambs, the curvilinear regression had the higher prediction. The predictions of each fitted regression could be tested with an independent set of data, though this has not been done.

The only significant effect at the transect level was a difference in damage between times of sampling. There were not significant differences between farms. The analyses used to study rodent damage have not been adequately compared. The comparative biases and cost-effectiveness of methods of damage estimation and of analysis need to be assessed. 9. 1 Bird strikes on aircraft Problem definition and species Birds and aircraft share airspace but do not always mix. Occasionally, birds and aircraft collide, usually killing the birds and denting the aircraft.

An alternative experimental procedure may have randomised the sequence of offerings. Long (1985) used direct sampling of trees to estimate the mean percentage of fruit damaged by parrots in south-western Western Australia. Initially, every tree in the orchards was examined, but in later work every fifth tree was examined so sampling was systematic. Johnson et al. (1989) randomly selected aerial photographs of their study area in Texas, then selected the grapefruit grove closest to the centre of the photograph.

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