An Example of a Simply Connected Surface Bounding a Region by Alexander J. W.

By Alexander J. W.

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Electrical power might nevertheless be regained as the panels slowly turned to a more favorable alignment with the Sun during SOHO’s annual orbit around the star. Antennas in NASA’s Deep Space Network therefore continued to send the satellite wake-up messages, asking it to call home. After nearly 6 weeks of silence, a feeble and intermittent response was received from the dormant spacecraft, like the faint, erratic heartbeat of a patient in a coma or the worn-out, distressed cries of a tired, lost child.

SOT), Solar Physics 249, 167–196 (2008). Also see K. , Astronomical Society of the Pacific Conference Series 369, 1–593 (2007). M. L. Kaiser et al. (introduction), J. L. Bougeret et al. (SWAVES), H. B. Galvin et al. (PLASTIC), R. A. Howard et al. (SECCHI), and J. G. Luhmann et al. (IMPACT), Space Science Reviews 136, Issues 1–4, 5–16, 487–586, 437–486, 67–115, 117–184 (2008). 2 Yohkoh Detects Unrest on an Awesome Scale Yohkoh 200 Number of Sunspots Ulysses 150 7 ACE Ulysses (first polar passage) TRACE RHESSI STEREO SOHO 100 Wind Hinode 50 0 1985 1990 1995 Date 2000 2005 Fig.

Almost all of the propellant in its tanks had been frozen solid, and the pipes that carry fuel to the craft’s jet thrusters also had to be thawed out. Fortunately, the fuel, named hydrazine, does not expand when it freezes, so the fuel pipes did not crack open as sometimes happens when a building’s water pipes freeze during the loss of heat in a severe winter storm. SOHO operations eventually returned to normal on 25 September 1998, so altogether it took 3 months from the initial loss of radio contact to recovery.

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