Advances in Catalysis, Vol. 24 by D.D. Eley, Herman Pines, Paul B. Weisz (Eds.)

By D.D. Eley, Herman Pines, Paul B. Weisz (Eds.)

(from preface)There were many demanding situations in our decade to associations, customs, rules, to almost every little thing that has grown and accrued over such a lot of human generations. This comprises the practices of the medical neighborhood, of educating, and of analysis. within the arguments in regards to the reasons and merits of clinical endeavors, these in catalysis haven't been neglected. certainly, they isn't, for catalysis is unavoidably a phenomenon of the maximum significance to society. it could possibly offer, in truth, a great enviornment for every type of routines touching on ''relevance.''

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2 30 . L. B E R ~ N E K As follows from the table, each of these compounds affects both reactions in practically the same way. This may indicate that both reactions proceed on the same sites of the surface of the catalyst and that each of the compounds involved is adsorbed on these centers in only one way. The experimentally found effect of the products and intermediate product could be best expressed by extending the equations (17) to the forms: Ti = + + dzi/d(W/F) = kiKapapH,/(1 -b KAPA Kcpc -b KDPD KEPE)~, ( W r2 = d x ~ / d ( W / F )= kaKcpcpH,/(l + Kcpc + K A ~+AKDPD+ KEPE)~.

85. 1 atm). Therefore, in the coupled system propionic acid is more reactive, while from the results of the study of isolated reactions it follows that acetic acid is more reactive, both of which were observed experimentally (94). E. COMPETITIVE REACTIONS 1. Competitive ReesteriJicationof Organic Esters by Alcohols This reaction was studied in the gaseous phase at 120°C with a sulfonated organic ion exchanger as catalyst (p. 27), under both the competitive 1 alcohol) and the system (VIIIb) (1 ester system (VIIIa) (2 esters 2 alcohols) + + CH3COOC2Hs + CaHiOH (Ad (CHs)&HCOOCzHs + CjHrOH (A21 + CaHsOH 4 CHsCOOCjH7 4 (CHa)zCHCOOCaHr (Bd (Bi) (VIIIa) + CZHSOH 38 L.

This was the case, for example, in the oxidation of benzene on a vanadiamolybdena catalyst (73,74)and of furfural on a vanadium catalyst (76) to maleic anhydride, or of ethylene to ethylene oxide on a silver catalyst [cf. An analogous scheme, however, with more stages was also suggested in a study of the oxidation of anthracene (76, 77). One of the widely studied cases of a complex catalytic transformation is the triangular 24 L. BERANEK network of reversible isomerization reactions of n-butenes, which was kinetically treated first by Haag and Pines, who used the data obtained on sodium on support and on alumina (78);the same scheme and data for an alumina catalyst were used to demonstrate the already mentioned method of Wei and Prater (28).

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