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106–15. †David Harvey, The New Imperialism (New York: Oxford University Press, 2005), pp. 140, 141–2. ‡See this volume, p. 263. In different ways, erosions and corruptions and dispossessions have afflicted other “noncapitalist” territories in the capitalist heartland—including within the trade unions and political parties and cultural institutions of so much of the working-class movement that once represented a challenge to and massive pushback against the capital accumulation process. In his provocative study Rebel Cities, David Harvey has suggested a new way of comprehending this capital accumulation process and class struggle.

McCulloch vs. Sismondi Chapter 12. Ricardo vs. Sismondi Chapter 13. Say vs. Sismondi Chapter 14. Malthus Second Round—The Controversy Between Rodbertus and von Kirchmann Chapter 15. von Kirchmann’s Theory of Reproduction Chapter 16. Rodbertus’s Critique of the Classical School Chapter 17. Rodbertus’s Analysis of Reproduction Third Round—Struve/Bulgakov/Tugan-Baranovsky vs. Vorontsov/Danielson Chapter 18. A New Version of the Problem Chapter 19. Vorontsov and His “Surplus” Chapter 20. Danielson Chapter 21.

451; Otto Bauer, “The Accumulation of Capital,” in Discovering Imperialism, pp. 713–43. †The Letters of Rosa Luxemburg, edited by Stephen Eric Bronner (Atlantic Highlands, NJ: Humanities Press, 1993), pp. 185, 204. Roman Rosdolsky, while agreeing with Georg Lukács that she was “a genuine dialectician,” comments that Luxemburg “sometimes overlooked the dialectical content hiding behind Marx’s ‘Hegelian style,’” resulting in a lack of understanding of Marx’s methodology in Capital that led to her own flawed critique of that work.

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